New To Cryptocurrency Trading? Then This Guide Is Just What You’ve Been Missing.

No money for a good life sucks – I’ve been there, I know how it feels.

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Sitting at home wishing to have some money to take the family out. I was introduced to forex trading multiple times by different people but always found it too hard and too risky.

Cryptocurrency trading changed my view on trading currencies online.

Find out how and why you should also consider investing time and some of your money into this profitable opportunity.

Hello and thanks for taking some time to read my post. The name’s Conan. You’ve landed on this page because you are most likely finding yourself in a tough spot.

Your bank account is turning toward the empty side. You can’t go on a date, because you are too afraid that you would be the one to pay for dinner and drinks.

Maybe you can’t even afford to cook up a great meal and invite over a date for a home-cooked meal. You still have to pull out the stops…

If your life is a mess right now, don’t be too worried.

This happens. In fact, most people throughout the world are earning a salary that cannot get them through the month.

There are a small number of millionaires living the rich life – but getting there is tough. It takes hard work, dedication, and the right opportunities.

Just one year ago, I was living a life that was a complete mess. I was riding a bicycle to work – imaging picking up a date with a bicycle (not a motor-driven bike, but rather the one you pedal yourself).

I was constantly scourging for marked down products at my local grocery store.

My evenings were quite boring. A shower and then reading a book – I didn’t have the privilege of browsing around Facebook and checking out the latest Instagram posts from my friends.

To summarize – I was a single guy in his twenties. I was unable to take someone out on a date due to my transportation issues and, of course, I had little money, so there was no paying for an expensive restaurant.

I had no entertainment, so my life was dull and boring. I honestly think that the most exciting part of my day was when I cycled home from work… looking at the world. That was my entertainment.

Turning My Life Around

beginners guide to cryptocurrency

At one point, I decided that I have had enough with my pathetic life.

I could not go on like this. I needed a way out.

Some of my friends bragged about making money with forex trading. I did a lot of research into this, but it always seemed so hard – and they often also lost hundreds of dollars on a trade.

I didn’t have money to waste or lose.  

As I was doing some research on forex trading, I discovered that people were starting to turn to a new method of trading with currencies – called cryptocurrency trading.

XE(1) showed me a lot on what I should be doing before I started to dig deep into trading.

The basics are the same as with traditional forex trading, but it seemed like the risks were somewhat lower, and that one could get started with a smaller investment.

I still didn’t have enough money to make an investment in order to get started with cryptocurrency trading, though. I really wanted to try this out.

I was fortunate enough to discover a program called the Free Crypto Secret.

The program promised to show me how I could get FREE crypto coins which, in turn, I could then sell or use for trading.

The program was only $17.99 and investing in cryptocurrency would cost me more than this.

Plus, I noticed that the Free Crypto Secret guide came with a money-back guarantee that I could take advantage of if the program doesn’t help me get free crypto coins.

After investing in the program, I followed through with every single step the guide provided and was able to get some of the latest crypto coins – without having to pay for them. This was great.

Once I got some coins, I waited for their value to increase and then sold them for a more popular cryptocurrency that I could use for trading purposes.

In the meantime, while I waited for my coins to increase in value (because the value of cryptocurrencies is changing all the time), I started to educate myself on the best ways to get started with trading.

Allowing me to jump right in once I was able to convert my coins to Ethereum, Bitcoin or another popular coin used for trading.

Top Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

making money with cryptocurrency

I soon realized that there are really too many platforms to choose from when deciding to trade in cryptocurrencies.

I was overthrown with too many options – something that the internet refers to as “information overload.”

I had to take a step back – and consider what the most important steps would be to get started and to choose the right platform.

I learned that each platform has a unique set of benefits and, of course, drawback.

Choosing the right platform can be helpful, especially for a beginner. I registered at a number of different trading platforms, often creating demo accounts to test their options and see how the platform performs in general.

I eventually came to the conclusion that some platforms are definitely better than others.

I would like to share my findings with you – three particular cryptocurrency trading platforms that offered me a better solution suited for beginners who do not have prior experience with either forex or “crypto-trading.”

#1. Coinbase

coin base crypto

First up is my absolute favorite when it comes to trading with some of the more popular cryptocurrencies that are available.

Coinbase mainly focuses on the bigger options out there, with Bitcoin being one of their key players. They also favorite Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin, but your options are not limited to these coins only.

It is free to sign up for a Coinbase platform and deposits can be made directly after registering an account.

Coinbase has over 20 million customers, and they accept registration from customers in 32 different countries.

Deposits can be made via a linked local bank account, or via a debit or credit card.

Their withdrawal options are also convenient, and their fees are not as high as some of the other trading platforms out there.

#2. IQ Option

IQ Option started out as a solution for forex trading.

They later added the opportunity to trade stocks and commodities on the platform and even became one of the most popular platforms for options trading.

Their latest edition – crypto coins. IQ Option is a trusted platform that offers customers the ability to trade with all of the biggest crypto coins out there.

They frequently add new coins to their system in order to stay competitive with other cryptocurrency trading platforms.

The IQ Option platform can be used directly in your web browser as it is a web-based platform. For added convenience, the company has also developed applications for both desktop and mobile platforms.

Whether you are running iOS or Android on your phone, you can make use of their apps to trade no matter where you are and whenever you want to.

#3. Luno

Another great option for anyone who is new to cryptocurrency trading is Luno.

This is a global trading platform that supports most countries. Luno is also multi-functional – they offer a complete solution to trading, exchanging, buying and storing cryptocurrencies.

While their main product is a cryptocurrency wallet, Luno has become quite a popular choice for traders as well.

The trading engine of the Luno platform offers fast, accurate and effective options for initiating trades.

Their fees are also on the low side, and the platform has a large variety of both deposit and withdrawal methods available.

Bonus Tips For Making It In The World Of Cryptocurrency Trading

bonus material for crypto

If you are new to cryptocurrency trading, then the most useful tip I can give you is to do some research before you make an investment and start trading.

Education is the key to success when it comes to trading – you need to know when to initiate a trade, which cryptocurrencies to buy, when to sell, what direction a trade should be made in.

These all play a vital part in ensuring you can make money while trading and not lose your entire investment.

In addition to education, never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Cryptocurrency trading is relatively easy to learn, but the risks remain.

Never invest money that should really go for food or other essentials.

It is also a good idea to start out with a demo account – this would allow you to get used to a platform and see, in action, what they can offer you.

Choose the platform that you find most useful to you – and the one that supports your preferred deposit and withdrawal methods.


Being broke is awful.

This would come as no surprise to anyone who is barely getting by. There are ways out, but without the right guidance, a wealthy life seems out-of-reach.

Like watching a fairytale.

For me, the discovery of cryptocurrency trading is what gave me an opportunity to change my life, become wealthy, quit my day job and finally be able to pick up a date in an impressive car – and pay for dinner!

Getting started with cryptocurrency can be challenging.

You will need an initial investment, but with the right guidance (which I got from the Free Crypto Secret Guide, along with additional resources), you can succeed.

Don’t give up, follow my guidance, open a demo account and play around with it.

You’ll soon notice that trading with cryptocurrency can be easy once you know how to trade like the pros do.

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