How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency

Running Low On Money And Ideas? Turning To Cryptocurrency Might Be The Answer.

The average American is living their life paycheck-to-paycheck, never being able to reach a higher level of success.

This leads to stress, sleepless nights and heaps of bills piling up.

Change is possible, but you have to make the first move – investing some time in learning more about the world of cryptocurrency and how you can make money with these digital currencies may be your one ticket out of poverty, for good!

Read on to learn the best ways you can get started today.

how to get into cryptocurrency

Hi there, the name’s Sam and I’m a contributor to

You’re probably reading this because you feel trapped.

Maybe that bartending job that sounded like a brilliant plan while going through College didn’t turn out to be so great. Or perhaps that dream job doesn’t pay as well as you thought it would while studying night and day to become a qualified candidate.

Don’t worry – I’ve been there too.

I know just how treacherous it can be to follow a passion that you think will help you succeed in life, just to end up working your fingers off for peanuts.

I majored with a degree in general psychology back in College. My initial thought was that I would be able to find a high-paying job with my degree but soon found out that the “real life” wasn’t how I pictured it during my years in College.

I eventually ended up as a low-level psychologist at a public school – while I was able to help people out thanks to my degree and studies, the monthly paychecks were barely enough to keep me going.

Year-after-year, I would see both my salary increase and prices of food, gas, entertainment, and even my rent go up.

Unfortunately, the increase between my income and expenses had a huge gap.

Eventually, I just couldn’t keep up anymore. I started falling behind on debt. I had to opt for cheaper “No Name” food brands. I had to downgrade to a car that cost less – both in monthly installment and gas.

All of this made my life suck! Big time!

The Discovery Of Cryptocurrency As An Income Opportunity

One day during my lunch hour, I decided to treat myself to a Starbucks Latte and Pecan Tart (something I never did as I was always trying to cut back on my expenses).

I don’t really find myself believing in fate and all that – but I am sure that this had something to do with fate!

I sat down and read through a newspaper that was lying on the table.

The newspaper described this “cryptocurrency” thing. I recognized the name “Bitcoin” in the news bulletin as that is something I have heard about before, but I wasn’t too sure how it worked or what it was.

The news bulletin explained how one person was able to triple a small investment with Cryptocurrency trading, re-invest and, eventually, he turned $100 into $1,000 – and then more, and more.

I thought to myself “hey, he was an average Joe just like me before. If I do my budgeting really well, I might be able to squeeze out a hundred bucks” – plus I was being paid a bonus that month, so I started to do some investigating.

I now discover myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to Cryptocurrencies. I have delved deep into these digital currencies.

I know how they work, what makes them so powerful and I have now made over $15,000 through my efforts.

My investments are continuously growing. In fact, I am no longer investing any of my own money, but rather the money I make on the trading platforms.

Today, I look back and consider myself really lucky for deciding to take a couple of minutes to have a Latte at the Starbucks close to my (old) job.

  • I am no longer working around the clock for next to nothing.
  • I no longer have to fear to pick up my phone when someone calls, as it might be a debt collector threatening me.

I am living life the way it is supposed to be lived now.

Different Ways To Make Money With Cryptocurrencies

The first opportunity I discovered regarding the income methods provided by the popularity of cryptocurrencies was trading.

This is, by far, the most effective method that can be used to make money with these currencies, but not the only option out there.

Cryptocurrency trading requires an initial investment and, let’s face it, not everyone is about to get a bonus check within the next month or so, but would perhaps still like to “dip their toes” into the world of cryptocurrencies.

I have discovered other successful ways that money can be made with cryptocurrencies in the last few years.

While I still heavily rely on my investments in these digital coins, I often find myself delving off to the alternative options to make a few extra bucks or just to gain some extra experience.

I would like to share my three preferred methods of earning money through blockchain technologies and crypto coins…

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency for beginners

As I mentioned before, I started out with cryptocurrency trading and, till this day, I still prefer this option over all other opportunities presented in the world of crypto coins.

Cryptocurrency trading can be daunting at first. Boy, you will even be placing your investment at risk. This, however, does not mean you cannot succeed.

You simply need the right guidance – someone to guide you through the process, a guide to show you the ins-and-outs of trading with crypto coins.

If you spend enough time and effort to ensure you are able to learn the ropes, then I can guarantee you that you will not regret it – ever.

To help you get started, some platforms even offers a complete demo account that comes pre-loaded with “virtual money” (no actual value, please note).

These demo accounts can then be used to train yourself and to become more acquainted with cryptocurrency trading.

Once you feel confident enough to start trading with real money (or crypto coins), then you simply open a live account, deposit some funds, and you’re ready to get going.

Investing In ICOs

crypto currency markets

Once I started making some coins on the platform, I joined to trade in cryptocurrencies, and I started looking for more ways to earn even more money with these digital currencies.

This led me to discover an investment opportunity that holds A LOT of potentials. ICOs, a word that means “Initial Coin Offering,” is something that I have also started to enjoy doing – and I’ve already made quite a lot of money with these opportunities.

The idea is quite simple here, but you are also at risk of losing your investment – so do your homework well and avoid making hasty decisions.

New cryptocurrencies are being released on a daily basis. During the early developmental stages, they get to a point where they launch an ICO – during this period of time, and they allow investors and supporters to buy in.

A certain percentage of the coins on the blockchain is allocated to the initial stage or the ICO.

Here, you can find coins that seem like they will have a lot of potentials, get in early and when they release on the market, and the value of the coins starts to increase, you sell.

Cryptocurrency Freelancing And Task Boards

cryptocurrency jobs

I have a third option that takes a little more effort (and skill) from my side, but also tends to help me fill up my crypto wallets.

Freelancing has become an important part of the worldwide economy today.

A lot of platforms have launched offering freelancers the ability to connect with employers, work remotely, and get paid.

With these websites, a freelancer in Germany can work for and get paid by an employer right here in the United States.

The majority of these platforms tend only to allow payments to be made in local currency, such as United States Dollars or British Pound.

Newer options on the market, however, are changing the way freelancers are getting paid – by allowing them to accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and, of course, other particular cryptocurrencies they wish to accept.

Confession: “freecryptosecret” Was My “Secret Ingredient” To Success

the free cypto secret

So far, I’ve bragged a lot about changing my entire life around by turning toward cryptocurrency trading and other opportunities in the world of these crypto coins.

You are probably thinking – wow, this guy really taught himself how to become a successful trader and make money.

The truth is, while I did do a lot of training and research on my own, I could not have reached the level of success I have today without the help of freecryptosecret.

I actually discovered this course during the early stages of my research. I was struggling to get going with cryptocurrency investing and trading, that’s when I started to look for training programs to help me get a head start – and I discovered freecryptosecret.

I found this program to be very helpful.

From the very first module in this course, you are taken on a journey to better understanding exactly how Bitcoin, Blockchain and all of the technologies that power these cryptocurrencies work.

The course offers a detailed explanation of everything that you really need to know in order to get started AND be successful in the world of cryptocurrencies.

If I didn’t discover what freecryptosecret offers at the time I did, then I might have even given up.

There is simply too much information about making money online with cryptocurrencies.

This can be so confusing – I wasn’t sure where to start at all. This course, however, simplified things for me.

It gave me a good idea of what works and what doesn’t work, what type of trading platform I should look for and, of course, how I could identify cryptocurrencies with the potential to help me rake in more money.

If you are a total beginner I recommend reading our beginners guide on cryptocurrencies.


If you are currently faced with debt piling up and no spare money for doing the things you love, don’t worry – I was there too, and also millions of other people.

This is what I always referred to as a “sad life.”

The truth is, you can get out – you can get “free,” and you can live the “real” life.

It does, however, take that very first step – to admitting you need a change in your life, and to implementing the right steps to do so.

After discovering the opportunities presented by the cryptocurrency market and, of course, with some help from The Course.

I was able to turn the tables, stop living life like I was going nowhere, and quickly rise to the top. Cryptocurrencies, whether you focus on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or any other coin, offers real opportunities – all you have to do is learn, implement and earn!

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