Il Bellissimo Orologio (Or the Beautiful Watch)

Imagine a watch

You probably thought about a fitness watch, or maybe the bright pink piece your little niece insists makes her look grown-up.

Think deeper. A pocket watch, perhaps; a symbol of classic, gentlemanly style, even mischievousness as you recall them in movies about the Wild West.

A luxury wristwatch is probably what you imagine next- a beautiful piece synonymous with timeless form and function.

These beauties grace the wrists of the most respected in our society, such as self-made millionaires, celebrities, and social media influencers.

Most importantly, they may even complement our loved ones as they are handed down generation after generation, worn during the best and worst times, but always pulling through.

My name is Grant. I am 45 years old and have always felt the need to present myself in a way that makes me look my absolute best.

My closet is carefully curated of just a few pieces of off-the-rack shirts, slacks and sport coats; the rest of the time I am usually in a tailored suit.

You see, I am a funeral director, and a professional appearance helps put patrons at ease.

When I wore a younger man’s clothes, learning the family business and attending classes, I dressed as best I could for my limited funds.

My watches were always department-store specials purchased for me by well-meaning aunts and uncles; often these looked good for about a year before becoming tarnished or suffering irreparable damage during sports.

I soon came to realize I needed a watch that was well-established, strong, and stylish, like the man I always strive to be.

A watch of the utmost quality will speak to my patrons and those I meet in the world in a positive way.

Suit Yourself

I was pleasantly overwhelmed with the vast amount of great choices that exist on the market today.

You should choose a watch based upon how you are dressed, and choices include diver, field, racing, aviator, and dress watches.

My career requires me to wear tailored suits and perfectly shined oxfords, so a dress or dive watch is best.

My brother in law, who owns his own construction company and is usually in jeans, does best with a field watch.

For those of you with a career requiring business casual dress, aviator and field watches would do best.

What to Look For

Much like you would shop for a car, you always look inside and see how the inner workings function.

You will encounter three types of watch movements: mechanical, automatic, and quartz.

A mechanical watch is powered by a mainspring, which is a coiled metal wire you wind by hand.

This coil then unwinds slowly and evenly, which causes the second hand to move around the face of the watch.

Mechanical watches require no battery and are considered the most prestigious, as the amount of work required to produce these intricate pieces speaks volumes about the wearer’s sense of style and refined style.

Automatic watches are self-winding by way of a small weight called a rotor that moves when you move your wrist during the day.

The watch also contains a slipping clutch that prevents it from being over-wound.

When not being worn, these watches will need to be put inside a watch winder to make sure they do not get over-wound.

Quartz watches are the most affordable and common watches you will encounter.

They are low priced and run on a small battery.

This little battery sends electricity through a quartz crystal, which in turn vibrates the crystal.

These vibrations are measured by a circuit and converted into a pulse, moving the second hand on the watch.

This is popular in many field and sport watches. It does, however, keep the most accurate time-keeper of all the watch types.

While doing my study I found a great website on how watches(1) are made if you want to know more information on what you are buying.

Preferred Brands

Certainly, a name means a lot.

Choosing the right brand of watch is important, as it leaves an impression upon those you interact with and makes you feel confident in yourself.

These top 6 labels command respect and ensure endless style.



Founded 97 years ago by Guccio Gucci, this is the highest-selling Italian brand.

Gucci fashion is coveted by celebrities and non-celebrities alike, and its watches are no exception.

These stylish watches are available at popular retailers like Bloomingdales and Macy’s.

It offers a range of watches that satisfy the needs of the wearer no matter the occasion.

For example, the Gucci Sync is a sporty watch with quartz movement and five colors to choose from.

If a sports watch will not suit you, try the G-Timeless. It is a stainless-steel watch with Swiss quartz movement and also offers a chronograph on the face.

Most of the Gucci timepieces have an analog face, allowing a classic look.

Gucci is a brand that will suit young and old, with its colorful new watch choices, unisex styles, and prestige.



Started in 1975 by Giorgio Armani and Sergio Galeotti in Milan, this brand is synonymous with both haute couture and ready-to-wear pieces alike.

Its watches are for the gentleman with a big impression to make.

Featuring analog faces and a mix of leather and stainless-steel straps, these watches epitomize style and functionality. For a man seeking a sharp-casual timepiece, the soft-leather strap watch will fare nicely, offering a quartz movement.

For those who like to appreciate how such a wonderful device works, but still stay on trend, you might consider the crocodile print leather watch in stainless steel.

The face allows the wearer to see the inner workings of the piece and catches eyes in its pink-gold plated hue.

Several other watches are available in classic colors and metals to match any work for formalwear.

Roberto Cavalli


An Italian fashion designer and inventor, Roberto Cavalli has a talent for adding masculine touches to men’s watches without sacrificing even the smallest bit of elegance.

Consider the RC-40 model of watch. It is an elegant analog watch with quartz movement, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, 100-meter water resistance and rivet details around the case.

It is listed as a casual watch style, but this could easily stand out of the wrist of a well-dressed black-tie guest.

For those who favor chronographs, the RC-39 will serve nicely. It too offers durability and elegance with a stainless-steel construction, water resistance to 100 meters, and a quartz movement to ensure proper timekeeping. Cavalli’s watches are for those who want to let the world know they mean business.

Dolce & Gabbana


What brand could be more synonymous with youth, up to the minute style, and pure energy?

Having been founded only in 1985, the brand has taken off. Yet, no matter your age while wearing a Dolce and Gabbana watch, you will feel purely professional.

The latest collection features the DG7 Gems line, which are analog display, crocodile strapped, and studded with gemstones on the face.

Offered in gold and steel casings, the gemstones are coordinated with the strap color for a refined look.

These watches have a quartz movement.

If gemstones are not for you, enter the DG7+. It is an automatic watch your choice of rubber or stainless-steel band.

The DS5 is a revolutionary design with elements of the sporty and the formal, offering automatic movement and a gold casing.



Another great house of fashion for a classic man.

Here is a brand known and respected globally.

Founded in 1913 by Mario Prada, the Prada watch is likely something of a collector’s item, as production has been suspended since 2012.

However, a collaboration of IWC and Prada has graced us with the IW370802, a stunning stainless steel, automatic movement timepiece. The analog face features two chronographs, and the words “Limited Edition” at the top are a testament to this piece’s rarity.



Founded in 1978, Versace is sometimes referred to as “The Rock ‘n’ Roll designer” as they have created clothing and costumes for the likes of Michael Jackson and Elton John.

Their watches are artfully and carefully created for all occasions.

The Univers series, best suited for dress and formalwear, offer stainless steel or metallic bands, quartz movement and the iconic Medusa logo at the 12 o’clock mark.

The V-Race series offers the wearer a perfect mix of sport and style, with its analog face and interchangeable bezels-one for a tachymeter and the other with the Versace name.

This line also features a Swiss quartz movement for accurate time. Ever the avant-garde brand, Versace has a line of watches with gold lettering studded onto the leather band.

The Manifesto series celebrates the strength of its wearers’ character with phrases like “Courage”. “Strength” and “Liberty”.

Caring for Your Watch

By choosing any of the brands above, you have committed to a piece that will serve you well, provided you do the same.

For your mechanical watch, be sure to wind it once a day.

Keep it far away from moisture, shocks, magnets and dust. If you are in an environment that contains these factors, keep your watch safely away.

You might consider using your phone for the time that day or purchasing a quartz watch for use in harsh places.

Do take your mechanical watch to the watchmaker once every five years to have it examined and ensure all gears and oils are up to par.

Much like a car tune-up, this will prevent costly repair down the road.

Much like the mechanical, care for your automatic watch starts by keeping it out of harsh environments where dust, shocks, magnets and moisture are.

You will also need to keep this watch on a watch winder when you are not wearing it to avoid resetting the date and time.

Caring for a quartz watch is relatively simple in that you simply need to keep the battery changed.

With all watches, regular cleanings will help you maintain good care of your timepiece. I found out how to keep my watches clean from percisionwatches (2) they have a great guide to follow.

Keep your silver polished and your leathers oiled to extend the strap’s life.

Time’s Up….

Whether you are ready to make a good first impression, enter the boardroom with authority and respect, or hit the green to show the fellows who’s boss, you can best boost your confidence and command respect by having the appropriate watch.

It makes any man look like the height of style and shows your impeccable attention to detail when you choose to wear this valuable accessory.

I wish you the best of luck as you seek the perfect one.

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